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This is completely name your price, if you’d like a piece for free that’s totally cool, if you’d like to pay that’s also really cool! If you decide to, you can pay me before or after the piece is finished. I will not put less or more effort into it depending on the amount!

All payments would be made through PayPal.

I’m pretty much open to all ideas, but here’s some things I have little to no experience with:

  • Mecha
  • Armor
  • Furries (and just animals in general)
  • Huge ripped dudes
  • Backgrounds

though I may be willing to attempt these things just as long as you can be patient and understanding with me!

If you are interested feel free to contact me via message or email me!
Just tell me your url, what style you want, and what you want done! The more info/pictures/etc the better!
My contact info is mgutierrez1222@gmail.com (not the same as my PayPal info!)

I have no idea if this is kinda a stretch or maybe a lot of people will be interested, but if it gets too much I might make it limited to 5 slots but we’ll see what happens first~

thanks for reading!

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